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10 questions for your wedding photographer in Greece


Before you book your wedding photographer in Greece, you should take into consideration some crucial questions they need to be answered.

Remember! Your wedding pictures will be the only memory of this special moment that only happens once in a lifetime. That is the reason why your wedding pictures must be perfect. Your wedding photographer in Greece should also be a trustful, consistent, and professional. Ask these questions and listen carefully to the answers.

1. What is your style? How would you describe it?

A significant factor you really need to know is the style of your photographer. Ask to know all the technical details and the style that your photographer prefers. It is important that your style matches your photographer's. Many wedding photographers work on various styles depending on the wedding theme or the couple's wish. Discuss what you have imagined for your wedding and let the professionals describe their own vision.

2. How many weddings have you captured?

It is important to know your wedding photographer’s experience. You need to know how many wedding ceremonies and receptions your photographer has captured. Experience declares professionalism and professionalism is the key.

3.  What is included in your wedding photography session proposal?

Professional wedding photographers will offer you a complete wedding photography package. However, what is included in this proposal is quite different from one to another. So you have to know if a pre-wedding or post-wedding photo session and reception photography are included. Many professionals are able to adapt a wedding package to your needs.

4.   Can I see a recent sample of your work?

A professional photographer has to have recent sample wedding photos to show you. You should see the previous work of them and evaluate it. Sample photos will help you realize the photography technique, style, and aesthetics.

5.   Do you have any recent reviews from couples?

It is so important to ask for reviews. Ask for contact details from previous couples and talk to them. You can make questions about the photographer’s professionalism, the pictures they get, and general feedback from them.

6. How many hours do you work at a wedding ceremony? Is there an additional charge?

The working hours for a photographer may differ due to the fact that they work in a real-time project. You need to know how many hours your photographer will work and moreover, what happens if these hours are transcended. Most wedding photographers charge additionally for every extra working hour.

7. Can I give you any to-do or do-not shots? Do you have a shot list?

Wedding photographers usually work according to a wedding photography list. Ask if they have a list and also if you can guide them to some to-do or do-not shots. If you are aware of that shooting program you will be able to cooperate in a better way and know what is the right time to pose.

8.   Do you have any associates or back up photographers?

It is important you know about any associates or back up photographers your shooter has. Are there any colleagues in case of an emergency? Moreover, most wedding photographers have an assistant or a second photographer. Let them inform you about all the details or the extra charge.

9. What is your refund/cancellation policy and your payment terms?

It is fundamental you know what is your photographer's refund/cancellation policy and their payment terms. Don't forget that this is a professional association and it has to be ensured by certain rules. Every professional photographer ought to have policies and terms when it comes to financial transactions.

10. What information do you need from me?

Last but not least, remember to ask your photographer if any information from you is needed. Share your wedding vision and express your feelings about your wedding photography. Your photographer may have questions as well. Answer them in detail and make clear what you have dreamed of.

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Greece may be quite stressful. Don't be afraid to ask about everything you don't know. Spend time talking with your photographer and learn all there is to know. You have to trust and communicate with all the wedding professionals you will choose. It is your wedding and it happens only once in a lifetime.

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