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How to communicate with your wedding photographer


Your wedding photographer in Greece is the most crucial vendor during your wedding. It is the one who makes your special moments unforgettable, capturing them in beautiful photos.

However, good communication is one of the cornerstones of every relationship and more importantly of your communication with your wedding photographer. This short but essential bond has to be perfect in order to achieve the best results and, let’s not forget it, have a great time.

My many years of experience as a wedding photographer and my collaboration with numerous couples, have offered me an important piece of wisdom; Communication is the KEY.

Share your vision

Even though your wedding photographer is another professional offering services, there is much more than that. You have to share your wedding vision with your photographer. There should be suggestions, recommendations, wishes, and expectations. The couple should really open up and discuss all the things that matter.

It is fundamental that you bring up any details you find significant. Your photographer should really know, who has to be photographed and at what times to do it, so introduce your family and friends.

Share a special location or a moment that should be captured, mention any styles out of your taste and refer to something you really like. Only when you start communicating with your wedding photographer you will get the best results.

Each lovely couple that approaches me for their wedding in many destinations around Greece, is different. When they didn’t hesitate to communicate with me, the results were phenomenal.

Meet your wedding photographer before your wedding day

Meeting your wedding photographer before your wedding day is very important. It is so different working with an unfamiliar professional than working with a photographer who knows and follows your vision.

That’s the reason why pre-wedding photography is considerable. Your pre-wedding meeting will certainly help you communicate and realize each other’s behavior. In that way, you would be able to chat about anything that comes up and maybe you would not have the opportunity to fix it on your wedding day.

Only professionals rely on communication.

Don’t stress

Stress and pressure are really an impediment to your communication with your photographer. There is no reason to stress about your wedding photography session, as long as you know the person behind the camera. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say what you want. You can even point out some “Must-have” shots that you don’t want to be missed.

Let your wedding photographer speak

As a professional, your wedding photographer knows more about it. Let her speak and explain all the significant details, that may make the difference. There will be a timetable to be followed, some moments to be captured, specific photographs to be taken that you may never think of but you would really appreciate it at the end. Listen carefully to all the professional suggestions, recommendations, and decisions.

After all, it is your own, unique and one-in-a-lifetime wedding.

If you are looking for the best possible result, you might be missing a step in the process. If you dedicate a few minutes to the conversation with your wedding photographer Greece, you will elevate the result to your ideal level.

Don’t limit yourself!

Contact me now to ensure that the memories from your wedding day are truly to your liking and really express you as a couple.

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