10 Infallible Tips to Help You Look Gorgeous at Your Wedding Pictures

10 Infallible Tips to Help You Look Gorgeous at Your Wedding Photos


Feeling unprepared and uncreative regarding your upcoming wedding photography photo shooting? No need to!

Confide in a professional! I know that you are feeling anxious about thousands of pretty little things concerning your wedding day, but your wedding photographs aren’t going to be one of them. It’s your first time in this, and it’s normal to be unprepared for something you have never done before.

I am here to save you the trouble, by sharing with you some of my deepest secrets as a wedding photographer in Greece, that will definitely make you dazzle in your wedding photos without special effort!

And guess what: It is much easier than you thought!

Tip 1: Schedule an engagement photo shooting.

Practice makes perfect! An engagement photo shooting is a perfect session that will prepare you for your special day: it will give you a small taste of the upcoming official photography photo shooting, it will teach you exactly how to pose and move, and it will let me know your possibilities and prepare better for your wedding day.

Let alone, it will provide you with perfect photos for your social media with your beloved one, as well as professional photos that you can demonstrate at your wedding party!

Tip 2: Talk with your photographer.

It is fundamental to make things clear well in advance and specify all your special expectations. Although your photographer will know exactly how to highlight the details of the wedding cake or capture the exchange of wedding rings, there is nothing more useful than giving her your side of your ideal wedding vision.

Remember: Letting your photographer know your love-story background and the things that matter to you the most, is the best way to make the sentimental connection that will help him adapt to your tastes and expectations and achieve the best possible outcome!

Tip 3: Have a good night’s sleep.

Let me tell you a little secret: Sleeping makes miracles!

Not only will it help you be at your best mood throughout the ceremony, but it will also dress you with your greatest looks,  as your face will be fresh and shiny and your eyes sparkling clear! Insufficient rest time due to anxiety or a night of crying will manifest your look, and the lack of sleep will be definitely revealed through the lens.

So, sleep tight the night before and let your beauty shine!

Tip 4: Take care of the small details.

Details make the difference. As it is gonna be a long and extreme day, try to keep all the stylish details perfect, by having all the necessary makeup and hairdressing products to hand, in order to fix any possible fault that may ruin a perfect photo. Your hair will not remain the same after a few hours and may need fixation, while your makeup should be adjusted to the conditions of light or may need an instant renewal.

Quick tip: consider having your stylist with you all the way through the event, so as to make small adjustments and achieve the best of your appearance!

Tip 5: Give it a smile!

Stay positive no-matter-what! You are the epicenter of attention, so keep in mind that you might be captured at any time, either you notice it or not. Try to maintain a positive attitude and always be smiley and ready to pose for a photo, either for a guest or for your photographer, from the minute you reach the church, till the final dance of your wedding party.

Tip 6: Mind your posture.

No need to try hard and make overestimated poses. Listen to the professionals: The wedding experts suggest that your back should be straight and your shoulders tilted slightly back so that you look at ease without making effort.

Here’s a little trick to achieve this:  hold a deep and relaxed breath, in addition to placing your neck straight at all times.

As for your hands, a useful tip is to keep them slightly detached from the body and never straight or hanged down.

Tip 7: The eyes, Chico, They never lie.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Feel the eternal love and give your wedding photographer your most genuine smile while visualizing the perfect future with your partner. Only that will give the lens your warmest and sincerest eye expression.

Remember not to look at the camera, unless your photographer advises you to. That way your photos will look more natural and your feelings spontaneous.

Tip 8: Add motion.

Don’t just pose statically and wait. Avoid stiffness and forced outdated pictures. Make impulsive moves, touch your partner with warmth, talk to each other, scream with happiness, walk along together in the path of your newly bonded life. Be yourself and enjoy the very last minute with your other half.

Fill your pictures with motion, feelings, fluency and you will be rewarded by the result.

Tip 9: Live in the moment.

The moment is definitely yours, and you need to feel it in order to achieve it. The lens may be following you at all times, but your wedding day happens only once, so you must live the best out of it.

Put all the stress away and focus on the sanctity of the event. Your pictures should give away the sterling feeling that only the two of you exist in this world, so you should act as if there were no lens, no photographer, it’s just the two of you.

Tip 10: Think out of the box.

What makes a picture stand out? Abnormality.

Avoid all the trite, banal depictions that everyone uses in their wedding photographs. Add contradictions that will make the difference in your photos: There is nothing stranger to me than seeing a photo where a bride is walking with bare feet on rocks in front of a rough sea on a stormy day.

Avoid the common sense and think out of the ordinary. The results will be surprising!

But most significant of all: TRUST IN YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. He is the one that sees the final capture on his lens and has a professional and objective judgment based on his experience in different people and situations.

So there you are, you have one thing less to worry about your special day. Following these simple little tips is a guaranteed success for an outstanding wedding photography report!

Still anxious on how to combine all these tips in order to achieve the best possible result?


I guarantee to immortalize your wedding day in the most unique and stress-free way, and make your wedding photography simply unforgettable!

Undoubtedly, we both have the same goal: to make a second-to-none photo shooting!

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