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Hindu wedding at Santorini island, Hetal & Suchin

Hindu wedding photos Santorini Greece

Rituals that capture your soul, music that touches your senses, people that inspire  you and so many colors.  So many beautiful colors making a beautiful combination with the simplicity of white and blue. A hindu wedding photographer in Santorini, Greece would be more than happy to capture these outstanding moments.

I received the first email from Hetal. A truly kind message asking me if I was available for her Hindu wedding with her loved one , in Santorini island, Greece.

My answer was of course “Yes”, as every Indian wedding is a remarkable experience.

The religious ceremony

Me and my team were once again ready to begin our trip to Santorini Island. This time for a unique ceremony. Two full days during which I had the extreme luck to meet two wonderful people and their families.

A Hindu wedding is a very sacred and colorful ceremony. Hetal and Suchin wedding was not an exception.

The bride

Hetal, the beautiful bride, was sparkling in her red wedding “saree”. Red is considered as one of the most auspicious colors among Hindus. Beautiful jewelry and the traditional mehndi patterns were embellishing the bride. Mehndi is the art of designing with henna or paste on the bride's arms and hands.

The groom

Suchin was dressed in a golden sherwani, the traditional groom attire. His wedding Safa was decorated with red and golden gemstones.

Τhe ceremony was traditional. The couple followed the Hindu rituals in a very moving and essencial way.

Their beautiful families became part of their wedding. Relatives and friends  were happy to see this lovely couple, come to eternal union in front of them.

Beautiful and extraordinary scenes were taking part in front of my eyes and I, eagerly, capturing them into my camera. The bride walking on rose leaves towards her groom, the couple wearing flowers on their neck, the bride and  groom holding grains to symbolize their union, their shiny rings, their smily faces at the reception, the fireworks!

All these moments fascinated me and made me feel the importance of the rituals and the happiness of this beautiful couple. Santorini was the perfect scenery for this Hindu wedding in Greece. The couple enjoyed every single moment and along with them I experienced one of the most spectacular ceremonies in my career.

Hetal and Suchin thank you for trusting me and sharing with me your special moments! It was my honor to be your wedding photographer.

Wish you the best!