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Wedding in Santorini, Catherine & Rami

A destination Lebanese wedding in Santorini island, Greece

They say, once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

Catherine and Rami’s fairytale wedding started in Santorini and it was wonderfully written.

This lovely couple from Lebanon, decided to get married in a most extraordinary wedding destination in Greece. Santorini, is one of the top wedding destination, offering a unique background, an enchanting sea view and some of the most exciting moments you will ever have the chance to experience.

As a wedding photographer in Greece and having worked on numerous wedding ceremonies in Santorini, I was certain that Catherine and Rami made the best decision and i will have the best opportunity to capture the most beautiful wedding photos from their wedding.

A Lebanese tale in Santorini

Catherine, the beautiful bride, and Rami, the charming groom, gave their fairytale a happily-ever-after ending (or rather a beginning), in a lovely orthodox wedding ceremony. All the deep emotions were captured in imposing photos.

The white decoration highlighted the chic atmosphere. The impressive wedding gown made the bride shine. The simple yet alluring surroundings were the ideal canvas for my photos.

After the orthodox wedding, the couple exchanged vows of eternal love in a symbolic ceremony at Santorini GEM venue during the golden hour.

The magnificent sunset in Santorini, provides a unique and “difficult to find” lighting, creating frames of incredible beauty. Consequently, this venue was not chosen by chance.

Wedding reception in Santorini

The wedding reception took place at the same location with this stunning Caldera view. Spectacular fireworks lightened the night sky captivating every single one. The newly-weds along with family and friends, had a wonderful time, dancing, laughing and enjoying every minute of their wedding.

Having the chance to observe what was happening, I grasped the opportunity to capture every smile, every glance, every sweet gesture!

“Forever” began that day, in Santorini, for this adorable Lebanese couple and their destination wedding in Greece.

Catherine and Rami, I was honored to experience with you your wedding in Greece. As your wedding photographer in Greece, I was privileged enough to experience a magical wedding ceremony and reception.

Santorini has always been one of my favorite wedding destinations and I really love every single photo captured there. I wish you the best!

Check below a hightlight video from this beautifull wedding by "Eleni Dona photography" team.

Santorini Wedding planning by "Wedding in Greece"