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Wedding photographer in Mykonos: enchanting charm in the Cyclades


Mykonos is the island where glamour and entertainment meet simplicity and serenity. I have adored this island since I took my first steps as a destination wedding photographer in Greece. It is not only the best place for the wedding ceremony you have been dreaming of but also the ideal landscape for a memorable wedding photo session. This sun-drenched island of the Mediterranean Sea could make plenty of places green with envy!

So, let’s spice up your wedding shots; you will certainly go back home with the most beloved souvenir of all – a stunning wedding album.

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Nuptial bliss… on a beach

As they say, you are going to need something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue; in Mykonos, you’ll have something truly blue, not only on your special day but also in your wedding photos! Whether you’re looking for a tiny, secluded cove, an azure bay, or a wide stretch of sugar-white sand, Mykonos has a beach to suit your needs!

Nowhere else can you find the absolute harmony emerging from the colors of the Cycladic landscape, all bathed in the dazzling Greek sunlight and surrounded by the deep Aegean blue.

Here, you don’t need a map. Even if you simply roam aimlessly through the web of streets, they all somehow seem to lead you to amazing waters, cosmopolitan beaches, and sandy nooks off the beaten track… Ah, Mykonos is a destination wedding photographer’s dream!

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A splash of romance

The tiny capital Hora (aka Mykonos Town) is Mykonos’ second-biggest attraction, after the beaches. Narrow pedestrian streets with fuchsia bougainvillea and tiny houses with colorful shutters, turquoise-domed churches on cobble-stoned pathways... well, Hora is a maze of photo-worthy nooks!

Losing yourself in the whitewashed maze of streets of Mykonos Town is part of the island experience that makes even the most cynical globetrotter or the most experienced, professional photographer in Greece coo with delight.

But, then, if you follow the sun west, you’ll find yourself in Little Venice, aka a stunning location with little houses built all the way to the wave line and balconies suspended over the sun-kissed sea. It’s here that engagement, a pre-wedding, or a next day session is always unforgettable! It’s like the refreshing summer breeze in Mykonos carries the couples’ genuine affection!

By the way… have you ever seen the spectacular Mykonian sunset? Oh, you should! The evening lights of Mykonos Town and Little Venice also present a great wedding photographic opportunity – the tiny buildings are beautifully illuminated just after sunset… A marvelous palette of contrasting colors that mesmerize all newly-weds and Mykonos wedding photographers!

And of course, nothing can be more iconic to Mykonos than the famous complex of windmills! Standing proud at the far end of Mykonos Town, they are a perfect background for romantic photos, and the ideal option for postcard-worthy results!

Best-kept Mykonian secrets

The island’s hilly interior is dotted with small traditional villages, which can also offer beautiful, quiet, and secluded places with great, jaw-dropping sea views for catchy pictures that can capture the essence of your special day. This option is also ideal if you do not have time for a photo session on your big day; there is always time the day after the wedding!

When it comes to Mykonos, those picture-postcard scenes of blue skies, bluer seas, and whitewashed villages are everywhere. Just take a look at the photos of some dreamy ceremonies I had the chance to take in Mykonos as a professional destination wedding photographer in Greece, and you will totally fall head over heels in love with each and every location. Now a photo session here sounds like a dream, right?

Planning wedding photography in Mykonos

As a professional Mykonos wedding photographer, I can suggest the right places for a perfect wedding photoshoot according to the season, the time, and the natural light. Because, after all, apart from the actual vows, photography is probably the most important part of your wedding day. Choosing a great wedding venue, a professional wedding planner in Mykonos, and an experienced wedding photographer in Greece to capture these special moments... well, that’s how you can certainly end up with the stunning, magical photos you’ve always dreamed of!

Let me be the angel on your shoulder and give you a bit of guidance on how to make your wedding in Mykonos as stunning as you could ever dare dream! We will create a detailed action plan, we will agree on the perfect locations for your shootings, and... long after your wedding cake has been eaten, your photos from this special day will make you grin from ear to ear!

Check the elegant boho wedding of Isabelle and Sandro in Mykonos.

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