About Me – Eleni Dona

About Me


Who am I?


A wedding photographer. An artist. A moments hunter. A beauty creator.


My name is Eleni Dona and I’m excited to tell you my story and welcome you into my world.

So, what do I love?

Natural light. And travelling; all over Greece. The harmony of light and landscapes that produce novel and unique beauty.

People; after all, that’s what got me into wedding photography. And I’m truly grateful for every single wedding I’ve had the honour to capture; I’m truly blessed that I can call friends so many couples… Just ask them!

And no, I do not love photography. Photography is part of who I am. I firmly believe that each one of us has been created to develop and share a passion to make a difference in the lives of others; and I just feel that photography is my calling.

Still, wondering who am I?

I am a mother of two wonderful girls. A wedding photographer. And I really can’t imagine doing anything else.

I just ask that you stay in the moment. And give your all. I promise that I’ll be there to capture every smile and every tear, every hug, and every promise. Because, in the end, it will be about the experience. That’s what it’s always all about. So, let’s be friends!

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