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Some frequently asked questions and answers for you, who want to know more about me, your wedding photographer.

1. How do you describe your style?

My wedding photography style is adaptive, combining elements of photojournalism, documentary, editorial, and contemporary portraiture. Why can’t I pick just one? Well, in order to capture the most important moments of your big day, I absolutely have to be excellent at several styles of wedding photography.

For example, the most flattering approach for the bride’s getting-ready time is a mix of photojournalism and editorial, but documentary photography is totally appropriate for the ceremony. And I’m sure that your elders will kill you if we don’t get some traditional, posed family photos!

That’s why I firmly believe that a great wedding photographer has to be a ‘photography ninja’! But if you definitely need a label, I’d say that my style encompasses all the best of photojournalism with a nod to traditional wedding photography. But since I’m better at expressing myself visually, I think my portfolio describes the style of my work the best!

2. How long have you been in business?

Rewind to 2005; that’s when I started my own business and fell in love with wedding photography, the emotions and the stories that unfold when you take a look at a heartwarming picture… Looking back on my journey to where I am today always makes me feel overwhelmingly proud and really grateful for all the moments I’ve shared with my couples!

3. How many weddings have you shot?

More than 500. And I’m still counting :)

4. Have you captured a wedding like ours?

Never has there been a wedding exactly like yours! But I think that what you want to know is if I am familiar with different cultures, traditions, customs and types of ceremonies… So, absolutely yes! I have had the honor to work as a professional wedding photographer all over Greece in Orthodox, Catholic & Maronite Weddings, Indian, Sikh, Lebanese & Jewish Ceremonies, and Same-sex (Gay and Lesbian) love Celebrations.

5. Do you do destination weddings?

Of course! I love the challenges and magic that a new venue or destination brings. No place is too far!

6. Do you have backup equipment?

My precious ‘arsenal’ always includes 3 cameras and at least 5 lenses!

7. How far ahead should we book?

As soon as possible! A good rule of thumb is that if your big day is less than a year away, you should be actively searching for your wedding photographer. If your wedding is less than eight months away, it should be a top priority in your wedding planning!

8. Do you shoot alone or do you use a second shooter?

I want to be sure that during your special day everything is going to run smoothly – without changing the dynamics or the romance of the day. That’s why, generally speaking, it goes without saying that I almost always use a professional wedding photographer as a second shooter. However, this depends on the locations, the total number of the guests and numerous other factors.

9. Will you be the photographer on my wedding day?

My brand name clearly shows my personal investment in what I do. So, yes, of course I’ll be the photographer on your big day!

10. What is the most valuable thing that you can give us?

My heart and my lifelong passion for photography! Choosing a photographer is not only about choosing someone who will take your wedding day photographs; how much would you pay for amazing memories?

I want all my brides and grooms to have their wedding day moments to treasure forever. That’s why I am really passionate about giving my wedding day couples the best advice when needed, helping them as a close friend, and capturing those special, unexpected tears or bursts of laughter – after all, anything unpredictable is a source of inspiration for me!

That’s the kind of experience that I offer to all my couples; a meaningful, bespoke relationship!

11. How many photographs can we expect?

That depends on the total of the hours of coverage, but I can promise that you’ll get all the good images of everything I’ll have captured.

12. Our family and friends want to take pictures. Can they?

Yes, of course they can, as long as they don’t block me or my professional team from getting the ideal, heartwarming shots you’ve been dreaming of! However, you may want to ‘go unplugged’. Think about it!

13. Can I give you a list of people I want to have group photos of?

Absolutely yes! Not all couples have a shot list, but if you do have one, it’s important to share it with me in advance. But there are some must-have wedding photos that you have to have!

14. Can I put the wedding photos on my social media?

Of course you’ll want to share some fabulous photos of your wedding day across social media. So, share as many photos as you like; but, please, tag me!

15. Can we see some testimonials?

Live The Experience and get a clear vision of what to expect!

Let me quote a part of one of my favorites testimonials: “Eleni makes your day magical!” – Maya Youness (Wedding in Athens, 2017). Finding –and sometimes creating- the magical aspects of what makes your day unique is what I love doing!

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