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A romantic wedding at seaside Athens

Jamie & Derec

A romantic wedding at seaside Athens


Jamie and Derek, this lovely couple, decided to unify forever in Greece. Jamie’s father comes from Greece so the couple could not miss the opportunity to get married in such a meaningful and unique destination.

The wedding ceremony took place at a most extraordinary location, Athenian Riviera and i was so happy for choosing me, as their wedding photographer.

Some of their best friends and loved relatives came to wish Jamie and Derek the best and enjoy a ceremony full of emotions.

I had the extreme luck of being their photographer in Athens and experience with them the whole wedding process.

The weather in Athens was ideal! The sun was bright and there was a romantic scent in the air.

The preparations had begun...

The groom put on his elegant suit and waited patiently for his bride. Jamie enjoyed every single moment of her preparation as a bride. The chic wedding gown, the fine jewels, and of course her lovely smile, embellished her in the best way.

The wedding location was absolutely amazing. The altar right in front of the clear sea, the guests having a fantastic view, the decoration so simple and yet beautiful.

Jamie and Derek were about to seal their love with an eternal union in front of their loved ones.

Jamie didn’t stop looking at Derek and so did he. Their lovable smiles were a sign of their true love and strong feelings. The couple exchanged their rings and took a unique path.

I was honored to take some exceptional photos under the Athenian sky. As the night fell, the couple danced under the stars and had the time of their lives.

As their wedding photographer in Greece, I was delighted to see two adorable people come to this special union. The ceremony was one of the most emotional I have ever been to. Their love was my backdrop. Their smiles were my canvas. I was just lucky to make your wedding last forever through my camera.

Β Really, do you want to know what was their experience, during the wedding day?

Jamie and Derek, wish you the best and thank you for this unforgettable wedding in Athens Riviera.

Wedding Cinematography: Montaz Productions

Wedding Planning: Wedding in Greece

Venue: Island Art and Taste, Varkiza,Greece

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