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An Intimate Ceremony in Santorini

Vow Renewal

An Intimate Ceremony in Santorini



Hundreds of years ago, a massive volcanic eruption somewhere in the Aegean Sea created one of the most awe-inspiring and dramatic island landscapes in the world. The silent grandeur of the volcano, the dazzling cliffs, the cobbled streets draped with fuchsia bougainvillea and the breathtaking sunsets are just parts of a so photogenic island that quickly becomes the absolute dream of any professional destination wedding photographer in Greece. Having adorned millions of postcards, Santorini offered the necessary canvas for a memorable celebration of love!

standing couple and viewing the aegean sea after the vow renewal ceremony


Once Upon a Time

Is saying “I do” once enough to celebrate the majesty of love? When reading the words of Herman Hesse “If I know what love is, it is because of you”, I always think that a love story that manages to overcome all the daily obstacles, challenges and tough moments is a story of romace that deserves to be celebrated again and again… After all, getting married is a big deal, so why limit the experience to just one ceremony and celebration?
So, what about planning a vow renewal, just like this amazing couple from the USA did? Planning a heartwarming vow renewal ceremony was a meaningful way to reaffirm the commitment they had made to one another some years ago... Well, before their two cute, little kids were born, there were just a boy and a girl who promised to each other that no matter the hard times, they would make it; and they did! Their wedding was a leap into the unknown; now their vow renewal was a time to celebrate this incomparable happiness of real love and togetherness.

bride puting the wedding ring at groom's finger

The Vow Renewal Photo Session

The vow renewal photography session in Santorini took place in one of the most iconic spots of the island. The lack of a strict timeline (that photography during a wedding day requires) allowed the couple to have so much fun and enjoy their photo session in the stunning, sun-soaked nook that always impress everyone... After all, before it was called Santorini, the island was known as Kallisti, meaning ‘the most beautiful one’!
The photos mirror the mood and atmosphere of that day: not only relaxed, lighthearted and joyful, but also elegant. Capturing the ethereal beauty of both the couple and the island in all its majesty was a great experience. And the dreamy vow renewal photos and portraits do confirm that this session was like bringing to life scenes from a Hollywood romantic movie…
What about you? Have you thought about renewing your wedding vows? Are you willing to celebrate your love and the journey that you have been on together as this couple did? Then leave the selfie stick at home and hire a professional destination wedding photographer in Greece to capture all the candid and spontaneous moments of the day, the ones that you will cherish for years to come… If you are searching for a vow renewal photographer in Greece, let’s start talking! And if you liked this blog post, take a look here and find more inspiring ideas for your special day!


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