A winter wedding at seaside Athens, Greece, Eleni Dona
A winter wedding in Athens

Natasha & Bob

A winter wedding in Athens


Natasha and Bod decided to get married in Greece, at seaside Athens. This lovely couple had a truly amazing and chic ceremony and I had the honor to be their wedding photographer in Athens, Greece.

You may think that summer is the ideal season for a wedding in Greece but winter as perfect. Athens is an outstanding city that its beauty glows even in winter. Greece climate has not heavy winters and despite the cold, the temperature is mild. Seaside Athens has its own exceptional pleasantness. The clear waters, the blue sky, the winter sun hiding behind the clouds.

Natasha and Bob chose a very elegant venue for their wedding in Greece. The bride with her sparkling smile put on her gleaming wedding gown and her beautiful jewels. Her eyes were mirroring her happiness and I made sure to capture it in my photographic lens. Bob, calm and smart, with a beautiful smile on his face, was waiting for his bride.

The wedding ceremony took place outside, in a lovely garden with view to the Athenian sea. The couple exchanged their rings and said vows of eternal union. I was inspired by their emotions and I took some fantastic photos of their special moments.

The guests were few but very close to the couple. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and had fun taking photos smiling and toasting to the newly married.

I was lucky to be a part of your wedding and make these memories unforgettable.

Natasha and Bod I wish you the best. I was honored to be your wedding photographer in Greece.

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