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bridesmaid and groomsmen posing before the wedding ceremony

The 20 MUST HAVE wedding photos


When it comes to your wedding photos, you should not accept anything less than the must-have wedding photos that will immortalize your special day for a lifetime!

Capturing every single moment of your wedding day should help you visually reconstruct the whole matrimony ritual as well as the intermixture of feelings you experience in your nuptial ceremony.

Nevertheless, shooting for long hours and only having one chance to take the perfect picture, a professional wedding photographer might miss an essential shot. That is why we have a detailed checklist that can prevent those missed moments.

In this post, I will put together a list of 20 MUST HAVE wedding photos that should definitely consist a part of your wedding photo-collection, starting from the pre-wedding preparation time, till the last dance early in the following morning.

Let’s find them out one-by-one:

1. The invitation suite

As the years go by, you may lose your wedding invitation. By capturing it in a romantic background, the centerpiece of your wedding stationery will always be remembered.

2. The beauty moments

During the pre-wedding preparation, the bride and the groom always follow a separate beauty wedding routine. It is essential to capture all these enthusiastic last moments of solo life during the preparation process.

3. The wedding gown/suit & shoes

On your special day, your wedding outfits will be in the spotlight. The wedding photographer in Greece will make sure to create some artistic frames of them before you put them on.

4. The wedding rings

A typical photo that needs to be taken is one of your wedding rings - as the emblems of devotion through time - just before the ceremony, as well as some special pieces of jewelry that need to be memorized.

wedding ceremony lasdscape image

5. The Ceremony Site and decoration

A landscape shot of the place where it all happens is an absolute must. After all, the style and special decoration of the site create the chic nuptial atmosphere that gives away the smart wedding vibes.

6. The First Look

The most romantic moment, the very minute the groom looks at his beautiful bride for the first time, is a must-have capture. All the emotions and feelings need to be caught by the lens.

wedding bouquet

7. The Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is always exceptional. The exchange of the bouquet, as well as the bride or the groom holding it, is a frame worth to be taken.

8. The Walk Down the Aisle

The wedding processional is definitely the highlight that marks the beginning of a wedding ceremony. This grand entrance, along with the enthusiasm and walking order of the parts, is something that deserves to be captured.

9. The First Bride & Groom portraits

Standing next to each other during the ceremony, you form the ideal portrait of your new, united life! That is an ideal moment for me, to capture the authentic feelings of love and unity.

10. The Vows

Written on a paper before exchanging them, your wedding vows are a picture that will always remind you of the eternal promises you made towards each other.

11. The First Kiss

Filled with emotions and promises, the first kiss of the newlywed couple is the most intimate picture that needs to be cherished in your photo album.

happy lesbian couple after their wedding

 12. The (confetti-filled) Exit

Accompanied by cheers and tons of rose-petals/ rice, your celebrational exit as a newlywed couple is an indispensable part of your wedding album, catching a glimpse of your excitement for the beginning of a new life!

13. The Reception Decoration

The wedding photographer has to arrive a bit earlier in order to compose ideal shots of the flowers, the glasses, the lights, and the bridal table among the rest of the wedding decoration.

cocktail time

14. The Cocktail Hour

No picture can represent the taste of the delicious food and drinks of the cocktail hour following your wedding ceremony, but it will definitely bring back the cozy feeling and relaxed atmosphere of the event.

wedding cake

15. The Cake

You surely spend a significant amount of money and time to get the perfect wedding cake for your special day. It’s an important detail that you definitely can’t leave out of your photo album.

first dance during the wedding ceremony

16. The First Dance

Your first dance is probably one of the most intimate moments of your wedding ritual, and definitely a not-to-be-missed shot of your wedding party! Some couples have practiced a lot in order to learn special dance moves just for this evening, so capturing them is an absolute must!

bridesmaid and groomsmen posing before the wedding ceremony

17. The Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will also radiate joy and happiness. Their portraits and group photos will definitely be awesome! Put everyone together in one big group and have fun.

wedding party Mykonos Greece

18. The Dance Party

What is more pleasant to remember than the intense and delirious dancing moves of everyone in your wedding dancing party? Sharing your happiness by dancing with your friends and family creates memorable shots that deserve to remain timeless!

family and friends posing after the wedding ceremony

19. The witnesses

Undoubtedly, you need to remember: you two as a couple may be the epicenter of the attention on your special day, but your family and guests also consist an important part of your wedding. And that is because they stood by you on one of the most peculiar days of your life -and surely- ever after.

That is why you should include the closest relatives and best friends in your wedding photo album. Here is a shortlist of the most traditional pictures with them:

  • Bride-Groom & Bride’s Parents
  • Bride - Bride’s Parents
  • Bride-Groom & Groom’s Parents
  • Groom - Groom’s Parents
  • Bride - Groom & Bride’s Siblings
  • Bride - Groom & Groom’s Siblings
  • Bride - Groom & Bride’s Parents & Bride’s Siblings & Groom’s Parents & Groom’s Siblings
  • Bride - Groom & Bride’s Grandparents & Groom’s Grandparents
  • Bride & Bridesmaid or Bride's Friends
  • Groom & Groomsmen or Groom's Friends

Think that that’s all? You are wrong! You forgot the best part of wedding photography:

20. The candid moments!

Any unplanned and spontaneous photo would definitely enhance the uniqueness of your photos. They will definitely be your favorite!

Of course, you can ask me for more shots than the above and even create your own combinations. 

Obviously, these suggestions refer to a pre to post-wedding ceremony session and not including the pre-wedding day photography or the reception photoshoot. You can add your personal touch to your wedding photos by coming up with some extraordinary shots that would add up an intimate sense. 

Just be yourself and remember to enjoy the moment! Leave the rest on your professional wedding photographer in Greece! Contact me for more wedding photography info!

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