Photojournalism or documentary wedding photography in Greece

Photojournalism wedding photography – the art of capturing the moment


When choosing a professional wedding photographer, one thing you certainly want to think about is the style of photography. You may love posed, standard wedding pictures; they’re classic and timeless. But you may also adore candid, spontaneous pictures; these incredible shots of the newlyweds and their loved ones, that remind everyone what weddings are all about: love and strong emotions. This is photojournalism wedding photography.

But where does the term photojournalism even come from?

Well, this is a term that used to describe a style of journalism accomplished through photography that is traditionally used for storytelling in newspapers. Photojournalists observe and record events as they unfold, without any interference or direction.

Wedding photojournalism or documentary photography offers pictures of the wedding events, atmosphere and emotions as they happened, with no involvement of any photographer. All real, candid and precious moments are captured without anyone orchestrating them. This style allows you to forget that you are right in the middle of your wedding pictures and can really loosen you up.


So what is the better option for you - a traditional or a photojournalistic approach?

Well, if you opt for the second one, your wedding album will be more like a storybook, rather than series of posed portraits. This may be the ideal choice if you want lots of candid images, or if the “look here and say cheese” type pictures are not really your cup of tea. But are you confident enough to let the moments speak for themselves, or do you already know how you want your wedding pictures to look, and you simply need a professional to help you set them up and capture them?

What inspires me most has always been the range of emotions on a wedding day; nothing compares to the unique feeling of seeing and capturing tears of joy and happiness, the sweet nervousness of the groom, the eyes of the bride sparkling with anticipation. This is the definition and the beauty of pure reality and that’s why I love preserving forever – with just a simple click – every important detail of a wedding day, right from the festive preparation to the celebratory reception.

Of course, your wedding package will also include portraits and family shots. Every couple wants some standard pictures with their parents and family, and you will certainly get these posed photos. But in general real life is unscripted; there’s no reason why wedding photography should be any different. That’s why a photojournalistic approach has become so popular both in Greece and abroad.

Why can’t anyone do that? Photojournalism uses candid photography as a means and not an end

You have to understand that tons of images can be taken that way and not really tell a story. An experienced wedding photojournalist knows what to photograph and how to photograph it to capture the essence of the event and the jovial atmosphere, and tell the complete story in pictures.

When you hire a wedding photographer, you are not just buying some photos; it’s the experience and the art that you are paying for.

Years from now when you glance at your wedding pictures and you see those images of you and your spouse sharing moments of candid romance, you’ll be easily drawn back to that special day. Many people ask me how I can “nose out” these moments.

The truth is I don’t perceive them by the eye; I follow my heart and in this way, love and true feelings unfold. Let me blend into your big day, without guiding you, while still being in the right place to catch those unforgettable moments that you will treasure forever.

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