Photo session in Athens Greece, Eleni Dona wedding photographer
An impressive honeymoon photo session in Athens, Greece

Monica & Ricky

An impressive honeymoon photo session in Athens, Greece


Have you ever thought that among the many things to do during the honeymoon, a photo shoot is one of the most fun and important?

Let’s face the truth: a wedding day is incredibly epic… but it’s also hectic and a bit stressful. That’s why a honeymoon photography session is an opportunity for relaxation and reconnection!

A whimsical adventure in the heart of Athens

This lovely couple from Canada came to the beautiful capital of Greece to spend a few days for their honeymoon. The couple was impressed by the beauty and vibe of this stunning city that really captures everyone!

When they contacted me to be their photographer in Greece, I was thrilled to take some pictures… depicting both a great love story and iconic landmarks!

A mesmerizing blend of history and romance

Athens offers hundreds of spots for a great honeymoon photo session. You cannot miss the streets of the historic center, full of artistic miracles.

This stunning capital city oozes romance… Even urban decay can be easily turned into a stunning canvas!

I asked this gorgeous married couple to relax and chat while I captured candid and relaxed images. The lack of a strict timeline allowed us to discover and take advantage of the most sun-soaked, beautiful spots of Athens.

After all, when it comes to photo sessions in Athens, any couple and wedding photographer in Greece can certainly be spoilt for choice!

This lovely couple was really collaborative, drawn by famous landmarks, always stunning and bathed in the famous Greek sunlight… Great architecture, soft light, and true love: these are the perfect ingredients for a fabulous escape photoshoot!


The next big thing: honeymoon photography sessions

Wedding photography has experienced dramatic changes over the last years and the honeymoon photography session is one of the newest and most exciting options for creating heartwarming memories. If you hired a professional photographer for your wedding day… why not do the same and get honeymoon photos taken by a professional?

Greece is one of the best destinations for a honeymoon; if you add an excellent professional photographer to it, the result couldn’t be greater… Well, sometimes all you need is a sprinkle of magic with a camera!

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