Santorini Indian wedding, Eleni Dona wedding photographer, Santorini.
Santorini Indian wedding

Aashish & Divya

Santorini Indian wedding


Indian wedding traditions are really a pleasure to document. Held on the sun-kissed island of Santorini, Aashish and Divya's extraordinary Indian wedding in Greece was a dreamy celebration of love!

As a wedding photographer in Santorini, I was really proud to coordinate an amazing team of talented photographers and cinematographers. We captured stunning moments of pure romance – from the first day to the final goodbye.

Wedding photography in Santorini … with an Indian touch!

Attending a traditional Indian wedding in Greece is quite a unique experience; you witness a wide array of vivid colors, rituals and traditions blended together in celebratory events. Aashish and Divya’s extraordinary Indian wedding was filled to the brim with vibrant events lasting over the course of a few days…

Day 1: A great catamaran cruise

The most stunning views of Santorini are best seen from crystal blue waters… The wild beauty of the caldera, the serenity of the azure Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking sunsets are the perfect background for a unique photo session just before a great Santorini Hindu wedding!

Aashish, Divya and their 70 guests from England and India admired the unique, sea-drowned caldera, watched the dazzling colors of the sunset painting the horizon, and got ready to enjoy the wedding celebrations to the fullest!

Day 2: The henna party for the bride-to-be

An Indian wedding comes to life with rich colors, festivities, and customs that have existed for hundreds of years. Typically held the day before the wedding, the mehndi, Mehendi or henna party is always joyful, and the ideal occasion for mesmerizing pictures!

Beautiful and intricate designs symbolize various blessings, luck, joy, and love. The "Akro" beach bar in  Santorini, was the ideal location for this party! As all guests in a henna party will tell you, tradition says the deeper the color of the bride's mehndi, the happier the marriage will be!

Day 3: The religious ceremony

While there are tons of wedding venues of incredible natural beauty all over the island, "Santorini Gem" stands proudly amongst the world's top wedding venues. Any wedding photographer in Santorini feels really lucky here since all professionals crave for such impressive scenery. That was the location the lovely couple chose for its utterly romantic religious wedding. During the ceremony, the smiling faces of Aashish, Divya, and their guests were often accompanied by misty eyes!

The bride and groom were glowing against the pristine white and blue background that Santorini is so majestically known for. Indian weddings are always bright and colorful – a feast for the senses! The wedding atmosphere perfectly complemented the bride and groom’s red, gold and cream attire, a signature Indian color palette, all combining to create the perfect photography canvas!

That’s why this was a great opportunity for some striking wedding shots which focused not only on capturing rituals and emotions but also impressive wedding outfits of ethereal beauty and an amazing decoration.


Day 4: The civil wedding ceremony & the lavish reception party

"Le Ciel", one of the most popular wedding venues in Santorini, boasts a large terrace to host a great ceremony. The view of the volcano and the most magical sunset in Greece is just perfect for all top wedding photographers in Santorini! Here, Aashish and Divya exchanged vows of eternal love in a totally heartwarming civil wedding ceremony.

The day ended with a fantastic reception, where the couple, their families and guests partied till the early morning, fully enjoying this brilliant Indian wedding in Santorini. A memorable ending for a memorable wedding… I will remember this wedding as a truly unique and whimsical party!

Happily ever after!

A wedding album beautifully captures the journey of a couple from being just “two different individuals” to becoming “life partners”. A Santorini wedding photographer can successfully capture the romantic bliss of a couple amidst wild volcanic landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, and azure hues...

Four days, innumerable ceremonies and rituals, families and friends traveling from all over the world and a perfect celebratory atmosphere made up this amazing wedding.

Aashish and Divya, thank you for this wonderful experience – I wish I could do it all over again!

Take a taste from the highlights video of the wedding.

Many thanks for all the effort to the wedding planner in Santorini "Wedding in Greece". Looking to have your wedding in Santorini?  Don't hesitate to contact me

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