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10 Wedding photography mistakes you should avoid


Wedding photography is one of the crucial factors you should take into consideration for a perfect wedding. That is why you and your loved one should be ready and serious about it. Many couples underestimate the importance of a professional wedding photography session.

As a photographer working in the wedding industry for so many years, I am here to reveal 10 of the common mistakes every couple may make and definitely should avoid.

1. Not meeting with your wedding photographer prior to the wedding.

It is very essential that you meet and know your wedding photographer prior to your wedding ceremony. You will get the opportunity to discuss all the details and explain your style and taste. In addition, you will be able to get to know the personality and the work of your photographer. Remember that if your taste and desires are alike the results will be amazing. Choose the photographer you connect with.

2. Letting others involve.

Letting others get in the way on your wedding day is a mistake. Do not let anyone convince you that your wedding vision is wrong. Respect other’s opinions and take into account your friends and relatives’ aspects but never allow them to involve in your wedding photography. Be confident, thoughtful, and share your standpoint with your wedding photographer.

3. Exaggerating on the looks.

Brides are often intended to exaggerate their hairstyles and makeup. Keep in mind that if your looks are “too much” it will be brought out on your wedding photos. Simplicity is the key when it comes to your wedding photography. Let your beauty shine and avoid all the unnecessary styling.

4. Trying too much.

Forcing yourself to take good wedding photos is a serious mistake. Let things flow and more importantly, let your wedding photographer capture the moment without worrying. Do not create awkwardness and just be yourself.

5.  Not explaining your wedding vision.

Do not expect your wedding photographer to guess your wedding vision. Great results will not come unless you talk about what you have dreamt about. Explain every little detail –even if it seems worthless-.

Don't forget to mention any “do-not-takes” and “must-take” photos. This will extremely help your wedding photographer.  Open up and share your ideas. Only then your wedding photographer will give you unforgettable photos.

6.  Skipping the pre-wedding photography

The pre-wedding photography session is one of the most important things of your wedding, so be sure you do not skip it. Pre-wedding photography is pretty much like a rehearsal for your wedding day photography. Knowing how your photographer works is very crucial. Moreover, your photographer, having seen your style and posing, will be better prepared. This pre-cooperation will boost the intimacy and familiarity between you and your wedding photographer.

7. Not following the schedule

Every professional photographer sticks to a wedding photography schedule. You just have to follow it and respect it. Do not be late or skip any sessions and of course do not assume how long it will take to take your wedding pictures. Be prepared and stick to the schedule for the perfect results.

 8. Posing

Posing for your wedding photos is a quite controversial issue. Your basic, traditional, family photos must be taken while posing but posing too much is a mistake, too. It is better to follow the directions your photographer will give you and act naturally.

9. Forgetting to smile

Your wedding ceremony happens once! Forget all the pressure of organizing, the perfect posing, the ideal capture. Just smile and enjoy your wedding. Be thankful for you being in love and having the time of your life. That is enough for a big smile on your face, also enough for amazing wedding photos.

 10. The most important!

Not hiring a professional

Not hiring a professional is the ultimate mistake you can make. Only a professional wedding photographer will have the experience and provide the assurance of handling your wedding photography session.

We bound by a contract, we know exactly what to do, we have seen the worst and we are prepared for it, we know when to take the shot. Hire a professional in order not to sacrifice the only thing that will always remain as a memory of your wedding day, your wedding photos.

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