Rusian wedding in Crete, Eleni Dona, wedding photographer
Russian wedding in Crete

Alexander & Xenia

Russian wedding in Crete


For a destination wedding photographer, the goal is always about telling heartwarming stories.

From our childhood, our loved ones whisper such stories to comfort us. Then, we grow up and learn to understand the world around us by sharing them.

And, of course, the most special stories of all are the ones which focus on love. That’s why, as a wedding photographer in Greece, I love capturing the special nuptial stories of couples all over the globe - stories like this one, the story of Alexander and Xenia...

A destination wedding in Chania

The stunning town of Chania in Crete was the place where this lovely couple decided to tie the knot.

Any Greek wedding photographer feels really lucky here since all professionals crave for such an impressive and picturesque scenery.

The old town, the Venetian harbor, the quaint buildings, and the little alleys all over the town are simply of incredible beauty.

But, while it is true that a wedding venue might be absolutely superb, people are what makes a wedding story truly exciting and memorable...

Alexander and Xenia had everything I needed as their wedding photographer in Crete, aka the desire to live fun and amazing nuptial moments; their relaxed and carefree nature made it easy for me to capture their love and passion!

A late spring wedding in Greece

The day was set: the 19th of May. If you love sun-soaked days (and shots full of natural light), late spring and early summer are the best seasons for a fairytale wedding in Chania, Crete.

The bride’s preparation took place at a private villa, where I went on to shoot some of the bridal details – such as the wedding gown and shoes of ethereal beauty. 

Then headed to shoot some portraits of Xenia before and after she slipped into her beautiful dress.

The laid-back vibe was really infectious, and my camera captured every joyful moment into some uplifting frames; you can feel the spontaneity and the friendly atmosphere radiating from the photos!

The romantic ceremony

The civil wedding ceremony was held at an amazing spot with a stunning view of Chania, surrounded by the sparkling historic center. Here, I had the chance to take some unique photos under the warm Mediterranean sun and the endless blue sky of Greece.

During the ceremony, the smiling faces of Alexander, Xenia, and their guests were often accompanied by misty eyes… And then, right after the ceremony, we had a fun photo shooting at the most picturesque spots of Chania, such as Agia Marina beach and Marathi.

The unforgettable wedding reception

The wedding menu included not only mouthwatering dishes but also lots of champagne and drinks!

The DJ simply took the party to a whole new level, and the fireworks made this night (and a lot of the wedding shots!) memorable for everyone. A perfect ending for a perfect wedding…

Alexander and Xenia, thank you for this wonderful experience.

I hope that my frames will always be a unique reminder of a really chic ceremony and a sweet memento of your fun wedding party in Greece. I wish you all the best!

All design & details for the wedding in Crete was planned by "Wedding in Greece" team

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