Mykonian wedding, an ode to romance, Eleni Dona, wedding photographer
A Mykonian wedding, an ode to romance

John & Margrit

A Mykonian wedding, an ode to romance


John and Margrit traveled from their home in Australia to one of the world’s dreamiest wedding destinations, Mykonos in Greece, to exchange vows and tie the knot in front of their family.

This is their wedding photography story…

A giant pearl in the middle of the Aegean

One of the perks of being a destination wedding photographer in Greece is the opportunity to travel to stunning, sun-soaked locations! After years of photography experience and hundreds of thousands of miles, I can tell you for sure that Mykonos' allure is irresistible...

A speck of unspoiled beauty with spectacular beaches, balmy weather, idyllic villages, secret pathways, and magnificent vistas; this Mediterranean island that entices all newly-weds and professional wedding photographers is a must! After all, what else is needed for astonishing wedding pictures?

A wonderful seaside location

John and Margrit decided to have their wedding in a private villa suspended over the sun-kissed sea – something many couples opt for these days. The privacy and the relaxed atmosphere that the superb venue offered was exactly what this lovely couple was looking for.

While new exciting trends emerge every season, there is something about simplicity in relaxing venues that never goes out of style. Sometimes less is more! Everything was perfectly planned by their wedding planner in Mykonos, the "Wedding in Greece" team.

Stunning Aegean patterns

The wedding décor was a part of the whole scenery: a true blue and white affair with only the lightest pops of gold and peach here and there! The selected colors blended nicely with the azure sea and the details of the stunning venue.

The wedding theme and color palette – that created a perfect photo background – had to follow the colors of the island: milky white and Greek blue of course, but also golden, like the beautiful beaches, and the warm tones of peach, like the breathtaking sunsets.

Now… let’s add to the equation the unique Mediterranean light of the Greek islands! The serenity of the azure Mediterranean Sea and the glowing Greek light were the perfect background for a great wedding photo session. As Mykonos wedding photographer, I was really thrilled to get so beautiful nuptial shots and portraits that unfold a beautiful love story…

Special moments and lasting memories

After the ceremony, live musical entertainment set a blissful mood for a party that lasted until the early hours of the morning. The rich Greek culture set the heartbeat for this Mykonos wedding

As you can assume, the rest is history! Just like their romance, the wedding day of John and Margrit was fun and exciting.

The individuality of each couple is reflected in the smallest, but most important details. Dear John and Margrit, I truly hope that my photographic lens captured your romantic wedding in Greece as a heartwarming adventure that you will always cherish.

Thank you so much for your trust and for giving me the chance to share this awesome experience with you and your guests. I wish you a dream life!

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