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Say “I do” to an unplugged wedding


What exactly is an unplugged wedding?

Digital devices like smartphones and tablets are omnipresent in our daily lives. But what role do you want these devices to play at your wedding? During an unplugged wedding all guests are requested to refrain from the use of cameras and cell phones – during the ceremony, the reception, or both.

Why should you say “I do” to this trend during the ceremony?

  • First of all, because in this way you will give your wedding photographer in Greece the chance to capture your ceremony as perfectly as possible without missing key shots due to obtrusive guests.

As any wedding photographer knows, one of the most nerve-wracking things that can happen is guests completely destroying a perfect moment for a picture. Whether they stand up in the aisle or take photos with their mobile phone in front of the professional camera, “photobombing” can be a real headache. Plus, you certainly want perfect photos without any distracting luminous screens popping up in the shots.

  • Secondly, because a flash from a guest photographer’s camera can really ruin a professional shot. Especially if your ceremony is indoors, the flash from cell phone cameras will inadvertently affect the photographer’s images.
  • In addition, because during the family portraits session, relatives’ eyes tend to wander and rarely does the professional photographer manage to have everyone looking at him or her at the same time if there are numerous cameras present.
  • Last but not least, because having your loved ones present to witness your ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so asking that they enjoy this occasion without tech distractions can make the moment much more special for everybody.
  • As a professional photographer, I know how the act of being behind a camera can distance somebody from the real feeling of the moment; the photographer becomes an observer and no longer a true participant. You certainly want your guests to experience your wedding ceremony in Greece; well, they can’t do that if they’re constantly fiddling with their smartphones or tablets!

The nitty-gritty of how to make it happen!

Encouraging your guests to put down their favorite devices can be a delicate issue. In a digital world where constantly sharing our experiences through Instagram and Facebook has become the norm, it makes sense that banning the use of cameras at a wedding is a sensitive topic. So what can you do?

Post your wish on your wedding site, print it in your invitations or have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony begins. Your wedding planner in Greece can also put a cute sign in front of the ceremony venue informing your family and friends about your “unplugged plans”.

What about the reception?

OK, let’s accept it: most people love documenting every single part of their days, so it’s likely that some guests will be disappointed that they can’t personally capture your big moment and share it via social media.

Let them take their own photos during your reception! The lighter, fun, and more celebratory feeling of a wedding party are suitable for cameras. After all, it can be fun to see the joyful moments of reception through your loved ones’ eyes.

You can also have a #hashtag for your wedding day – just let your family and friends know that before the reception and not earlier; a sign in front of the reception entrance informing them about that will probably make them take out their phones and start shooting!

In any case, keep in mind that a professional wedding photographer knows how to get the job done in less than ideal circumstances – the use of cell phones and tablets during a reception isn’t that distracting.

The only exception is during your first dance; you could ask the DJ to remind your guests to hold back on photos only for those 5 minutes so that the professional shots will not be spoilt by random bright lights from camera flashes.

Don’t forget to share some photos!

Many wedding guests take photos not only because they want to post them at that moment, but also because they want to be able to re-live the experience of your special day. If you're considering an unplugged wedding, you should commit to sharing some professional photos with guests.

Work with your wedding photographer in Greece to ensure that she can have 2-3 shots available digitally for all guests within a couple of days; you can share them via email, your wedding website, or social media.

Or you could include 1-2 shots with each thank you card. Follow your wedding photographer’s expert advice and get that perfect printed wedding album, which will make you relive heartwarming wedding moments of romance every time you look at its pages; just remember to share some shots with your family and friends!

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