Elegant Romantic wedding at Athenian Riviera, Eleni Dona

Heather & Navin

Elegant Romance at the Athenian Riviera



If it’s cold where you are in the world today, prepare to be warmed up with Heather and Navin’s beautiful, heartwarming wedding in Athens (Greece)!

A fairy-tale love story

Heather had been asked, "what’s your type?" regarding her taste in men a few weeks before she met Navin. Her response was, "Aladdin" with a smirk. 

Now, Heather had seen Navin at the hospital where they both worked but they never spoke to each other. While at a work party a few months later, these two crossed each other’s paths and exchanged numbers soon to have a date.

As my beautiful bride says, "We were going to meet at a casino for a drink but while I was waiting for Navin to arrive, I sat down at the penny slot machine. As I waited and played, a woman approached me and said that I had been entered into a contest to win a car."

When Navin came, he could clearly see the excitement in Heather’s eyes. He then said, almost wishing he could predict the outcome, "I could be your Aladdin, I just didn’t bring my magic lamp." With that statement, Heather’s jaw dropped. Aladdin? Had he known? No way. It was then that Heather knew... After all, who wouldn’t want to fall in love with a prince?

A pre-wedding decision… the Greek way

It took Navin a little longer to understand that Heather would be the love of his life… but as he says, ‘that was just fine because 5 years later, we set a wedding date!’ Since then, Navin has been showing Heather the world, just like Aladdin did for Jasmine, although, by airplane, boat, train and not a magic carpet.

And it was only appropriate for this couple to have a destination wedding in Athens, Greece! You may have heard people say you need "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" for your wedding day. Well, this couple chose the well-known blue of the Greek seas – oh, well, the blue bridal shoes were also an amazing addition!

A wedding day & photo session to be remembered

Heather and Navin’s families span the globe from the US to India, so they met in the middle! As a professional wedding photographer in Greece, I documented moments packed with love and romance, lots of laughs, and a fair amount of tears, promises of ‘forever’, and heartfelt hugs.

The intimate ceremony on the cliff of the "Island Art and Taste" wedding venue, was truly memorable… From an awesome couple to even greater wedding venue and don’t even get me started on the lovely weather! The warm evening and the majestic views provided plenty of opportunities for great wedding photos.

Well, the alluring Athenian Riviera, on the southern edge of the Greek capital, brims with laid-back elegance and idyllic landscapes. With the deep blue sea and the greenery natural landscape as a background, this wedding photoshoot was simply amazing! Impressive details such as colorful flower bouquets completed the whole scene and added the essential touch of vividness.

A love story to be continued

The story of Heather and Navin continues now with their souvenir from their adventure in Greece, named Evara Victor, their little daughter!

Heather & Navin, I loved transforming your big day into a precious memento through my lenses, as your wedding photographer in Athens, Greece. May your lives be filled with happiness, love, and photogenic moments!

And a huge thanks to their wedding planner in Greece for all planning and coordination. Attention to detail was amazing. Thank you so much.

Take a taste from the highlights video of the wedding

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