Santorini elopement, Eleni Dona wedding photographer

Gabriela & Eric

An oh so romantic elopement in Santorini


Feel like wanting to celebrate your love in Greece without guests and legalities getting in the way? A symbolic ceremony in Santorini that oozes romance is the perfect solution! That’s what Gabriela & Eric thought when they planned a heartwarmingly intimate commitment ceremony in a piece of heaven, right in the middle of the Aegean Sea…


Symbolic Weddings in Santorini, the Ultimate Act of Romance


When it comes to weddings in Greece, one island pops up in mind: Santorini!

Well, a symbolic ceremony can be celebrated almost anywhere, but some placed are better than others! Santorini, with its unique landscape, its endless blue and its magnificent view still manages to inspire me… every single time that I visit it as a Santorini wedding photographer. There’s no denying the uniqueness of this destination or its huge allure!

Elegantly ensconced on a private terrace, their magical ceremony was a great mix of elegance and the serenity of the azure. Gabriela & Eric proved that chicness and romance perfectly match – just like they do!


Good Times, Good Vibes & Fairy-tale Settings


The all-white delicate palette was enhanced by subtle touches of blue and gentle orange, creating a well- balanced feel of visual harmony and finesse, and giving a subtle nod to the ever-shifting palette of Santorini’s skies. A sea-drowned caldera and azure waters were the most idyllic, photogenic backdrop. And the lack of a strict timeline allowed us to discover and take advantage of the most sun-soaked, impressive spots of the island.

Gabriela & Eric, your romantic event was nothing short of unforgettable! I’m really grateful that, as your wedding photographer, I had the chance to take some unique photos. I wish you all the best!

Santorini wedding photography

A Santorini elopement is always a good idea; this sun-drenched island of the Mediterranean Sea could make plenty of places green with envy!

Take a look at this couple’s special moments and allow yourselves to get carried away… And if you are jealous of this magic, let’s get in touch to make your love story timeless!

Big thanks go to the "Wedding in Greece" team, for planning for perfection this wedding in Santorini.

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