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Wedding photography packages


When it comes to wedding photography cost, there is a universally accepted truth: it is totally worth it! You’ve probably heard it: When it comes to wedding art, you really do get what you pay for.

Wedding photographers are usually among the first vendors that couples book after the selection of the venue for their wedding in Greece; that’s why we recommend starting the search for your photographer about 10-12 months before your big day.

Especially if you are looking to book a Santorini wedding photographer or a wedding photographer in Mykonos, you should start searching even before booking the wedding venue, as soon as you have a  specific date in your mind.

But do you know what should a wedding photography package include? And are you sure that you understand how much this package should cost?


What’s the average cost of wedding photography packages?

The cost of a wedding photography package depends on your nuptial needs and preferences. You may want a basic package that includes the main photographer and a minimum number of hours for the ceremony coverage.

Or you may prefer a full package with one main photographer, a second shooter, and assistants shadowing you from the moment you wake up on your special day until you wave goodbye.

As a general rule of thumb, you should put aside 10%-15% of your budget for the wedding pictures you dream of.

It will takes months to plan a great wedding; and it takes even more effort to choose the venue, attire and other essentials… But what makes every wedding last forever? A photographer, of course!

What can affect wedding photography prices?

  • Photography Time (during the big day)

In general, a basic wedding photography package includes 6–10 hours of photography, which is enough to cover your ceremony and the reception.

Bear in mind that the photographer doesn’t work only during the ceremony and the reception. A professional will arrive hours before the event and will keep running around, twisting, and climbing, trying to find the perfect place for the right click! The longer the shoot, the longer the time spent editing, the higher the price.

  • Photography Time (spent behind the scenes)

Besides the obvious working hours during your wedding day, you should take into consideration all these extra hours that your wedding photographer has to work on. Choosing among a huge amount of pictures, editing the right ones, cropping, and processing all the images may take up to 15 days.


  • Shooters & Assistants

Having a second shooter and/or assistants can be beneficial – and sometimes absolutely necessary – in capturing different perspectives and angles throughout the day in case you want to throw a luxurious wedding with many guests and events happening at the same time.

  • Cinematography

You can always ask for a package that groups photography and cinematography together. Also, you can add aerial photography/cinematography (drone) as well.

  • Additional Sessions & Shoots

An engagement / pre-wedding photo session or an after-wedding session are some add-ons that many couples opt for. Other shoots that will likely cost extra include a first-look or a trash-the-dress session.

  • Wedding Albums

The package that you select will either include one, none, or multiple albums. The certain number of prints (or extra prints and albums) that you want in your package affects also the total price.

  • Photographer’s travel expenses

Traveling and wedding photography go hand in hand. And as with any wedding pro that travels with you, your photographer has additional costs to cover; getting to and from a wedding can be a really expensive element of a destination celebration!


What affects wedding photography cost in general?


  • Education & Experience

Professional wedding photographers invest a lot of money and time in developing their skills. Seminars and courses on new techniques and equipment are always necessary and totally useful. It takes a skilled professional to deliver the standard of pictures you’ll love looking at!

Trust me – on your wedding day, you totally deserve the best wedding photographer who knows where to be, how to get that perfect shot of you walking down the aisle, and when to look for that moment when your parents shed a tear watching you!

  • Extra & Hidden Costs

There are so many extras that really affect the cost of hiring a professional wedding photographer. For example, the need for the right equipment: cameras, lenses, flashes, memory cards, filters, computers, external hard-drives, and many more are absolutely necessary for a professional job.

As a wedding photographer in Greece, I constantly spend a large amount of my budget for professional hi-tech equipment; that’s the reason why I can shoot in any conditions!


How can you save on wedding photography?

Great wedding pictures don’t have to put a strain on your budget. You can always choose a package that suits your needs. At the end of the day, your photographer is a professional – trust the one that you choose and the expertise you pay for!

Trusting your photographer will not only result in better images for you to remember your big day but will also relieve you of some stress as well!

In any case, the wedding photography package that you will choose includes – at no additional charge – a pre-wedding consultation and planning session (in person or via Skype). So… get in touch with me! We will discuss your wedding photography needs and nuptial dreams – and then I will be able to present you with a unique quote.

Marry the one you love, have the fairytale wedding of your dreams, and I’ll be there to take some outstanding pictures!

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