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Pre wedding photoshooting in Greece


What is really a pre-wedding photo session and why every couple should consider one? Pre-wedding photo shooting is similar to the, better known, engagement photo session, despite the fact that it takes place prior to your wedding day. This session is really important for both the photographer and the couple. It is significant to realize that pre-wedding photography should not be missed in order to achieve some extraordinary photos reminding the happiest moments of your life.

I have worked on numerous engagement photo sessions. As a professional wedding photographer, I am able to offer a pre-wedding photo shooting for the couple on their wedding in Greece.

The main goal of the pre-wedding photo shooting is communication.

You will be amazed by how helpful this can be for your whole wedding photography. It will be a good opportunity to talk to your photographer and discuss any issues concerning you. In addition, the couple will be able to learn more about the personality and the working style of their professional. This is the key to good cooperation.

Working with a photographer you respect and admire is the cornerstone of the perfect photography. The photographer will also find out your “likes” and “don’t-likes” so as to take into the next level your wedding photos. Try to explain your wedding vision and work without stress and pressure, something rather impossible happening on your wedding day.

As for me, communication is the key for a successful photo shooting. I love the fact that I can talk, chat, brag and even laugh with the couple. In this way, I can bring the best out of them.

Engagement photo shooting can also provide you the freedom

Try different things and experiment on the way you pose and react to your photographer. Your wedding day would be much more stressful to try something new. Pre-wedding photo shooting is your chance to stand out. Discuss with your photographer about your ideas or suggestions. Act naturally and enjoy every moment.

Your smiles will be enough and your positive mood will be shining. The photographer can also give you directions to look your best and help you find your style. Do not be afraid to let your self free, take some fantastic pictures and create memories that will follow you over the years.

I find every pre-wedding photo session challenging. Every couple is different and every time is unique. I try my best to make the couple feel relaxed and comfortable. Once your emotions are out the pictures are one-of-a-kind!


Unlike the engagement photo session, pre-wedding photography can have a theme

The couple can choose a loved or symbolic location, find their favorite theme and even dress as they wish. Just let your imagination be the guide. You can try simple, romantic photography and even do something extreme or theatrical. If you have dreamt about it, you can do it. Be creative and joyful. Pre-wedding photo shooting is your time to shine.

 I had the good fortune of being a wedding photographer for many years. Pre-wedding photo sessions always surprise and excite me. Try something different, be cheerful and enjoy the moment.

That is my tip!

Greece is the ideal location for your pre-wedding photo shooting.

Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Peloponnese, Athens are just some of the incredible locations all over Greece. The imposing beauty, the phenomenal landscapes, the bright sun, and the extraordinary beauty will capture your soul. Consider a pre-wedding photo shooting in Greece and it will be unforgettable.

Greece has always been my beloved canvas, my inspiration, my beautiful backdrop. Your pre-wedding photo shooting in Greece will be just wondrous.

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