Lebanese wedding in Santorini
Lebanese wedding Santorini

Oliver & Rouby

Lebanese wedding Santorini


When Rouby and Oliver asked me to shoot their destination wedding in Santorini, my first reaction was to grin from ear to ear.

I enjoy every single aspect of my job but one of the most special pros of working as a professional wedding photographer in Greece is getting the opportunity to capture candid moments in truly photogenic places like the idyllic island of Santorini.

For Rouby and Oliver, this utopia was exactly where they wanted to seal their lives together in June 2016.

* Warning: If you are considering an elopement, this destination wedding photo session might evoke wanderlust and send you packing!

Wedding preparations in a villa.

Rouby, the bride, and Oliver, the groom, got prepared in the tranquil ambiance of the Cavo Ventus villa that is built on levels around an old stone windmill, located on a unique point on the caldera of Akrotiri which just offers a jaw-dropping view.

When a bride and a groom get ready together there are always tons of laughter and a truly relaxed atmosphere; you know, the kind of excitement when everyone’s gearing up for a party rather than a formal event. The friendly, laid-back vibe was really infectious.

But, well, even a relaxed, summertime destination wedding is absolutely not a wedding without ethereal & gorgeous attire and gorgeous it was indeed!

So when the weds-to-be were getting ready for their special day, I also took the chance to capture the beauty of the stylish airy wedding dress and chic suit on their hangers under the warm Mediterranean sun and the photogenic shades it always creates. A perfect setup for a Santorini wedding photographer.

Both the ceremony and reception were to be held at Cavo Ventus villa; the happy couple had decided to make everything as relaxing as possible, without any rushing from one place to another.

So here goes… The emotional moment when the father is walking his little girl down the aisle, the iconic moment when the groom is smiling fondly when seeing his loved one.

I cherished those moments when the couple just let me blend in and take great shots capturing that transitional process.

There's nothing a wedding photographer loves more than successfully catching those moments and emotions and encapsulating them in heartwarming shots.

With the stunning backdrop of the Aegean Sea, the couple said “I do” surrounded by their closest family and friends. The lack of pressure on a huge guest list set a truly intimate atmosphere. An endless blue sky, balmy sea air, a romantic setting, beloved people, and great weather conditions; what else is needed for a memorable wedding ceremony?

A color palette of pure white and light blue with a touch of peach hues brought out the romantic atmosphere the couple aimed for.

Needless to say, the elegant combination of these colors matched the blue sky and the white wave foams of the Greek landscape, while the warm peach shades warmed up the atmosphere adding a little bit of romance.

The simple but vivid riot of color gave the ceremony photos an extraordinary punch and visual appeal.

Of course, sunset time in Greece is ideal for magical wedding photographs, so we took the chance to get some amazing shots with the colors of the Cycladic sun dipping into the azure Mediterranean waters; the late-day sun always casts a beautiful, warm glow on everyone.

Wedding Reception

And off to the party - just imagine a mouthwatering summer drink in hand, vibrant music in the background, and the newly-weds falling head over heels in love with the stunning fireworks that lit the sky.

Fun partying led the way into the night; ok, there were some tears of laughter and pure joy too as we danced the night away!

As I was following this couple on their big day through my lens, they seemed to me as happy as two youngsters discovering the world while holding hands. Rouby and Oliver, may the love you shared on that day grow stronger as you grow old together.

As years pass and memories fade, always remember to hold to the sweet remembrances of your wedding day – and thank you for letting me capture its most special moments!

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