The essentials of wedding photography

Your wedding pictures are items that you will hold for years to come. In case of emergency, such as a fire at your house, your photo albums are some of the few precious things that you will grab before rushing outside.

They are also significant family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. Expert professional wedding photographers know that, but what should you know about the essential ins and outs of wedding photography? This is a question of practical importance as your special day in Greece certainly has to be captured in the right way.

Do not fall for wedding photography trends.

Your wedding pictures should stand the test of time. Trends are fun but rarely last. Creating a wedding album in a timeless and classic way ensures that it will stay a cherished item of your family history no matter how many years will pass. In addition, you should bear in mind, that many trends can really ruin your wedding day.

For example, using drones is one of the latest trends in wedding photography, but these little aerial vehicles can be noisy and distractive; just imagine your guests looking up all the time instead of paying attention to your ceremony…

Communicate your vision.

Even the best wedding photographers aren’t mind readers. Do not take anything for granted; every couple has different priorities. Share your ideas, concerns and thoughts with your photographer. That is the person who has to capture one of the most significant occasions of your life; communication is essential.

Do not stick to Pinterest boards.

Do not waste your precious time to copy someone else’s wedding photo ideas. Your wedding should reflect who you are, not what someone else has already done. And what looks really nice on Pinterest or Instagram, many not play out well in the real world, where unpinnable things such as a sudden downpour or annoying relatives can startle the newly-weds.

Plus, budgets often get in the way of aesthetics. Last but not least, when looking for wedding photo ideas on Pinterest, keep in mind that many of these images are from photo shoots for magazines and advertisements, not real weddings. On your big day we won’t have smoke and mirrors to create that fantastic but unrealistic photo you saw on the Internet…

There’s more to professional wedding photography than good equipment.

When you book a wedding photographer in Greece, you don’t just rent a camera. You are paying for years of training and experience, planning or organization skills, and that unique ability of a professional to make people feel at ease in front of a camera.

Of course you want your photographer to be at the cutting edge of technology and know the latest techniques but the most important thing when choosing a professional is his/her experience and artistic ability.

Do not feel obliged to create moments for the photos’ sake.

Your wedding pictures should reflect original feelings and unexpected, heartwarming moments. No, there not many staged photos with fake smiles that you have to have. What you should have is that photo of the necklace you’re wearing because it used to belong to your grandma or that image of the unique, fun favors for your guests; photos of things and details that make your wedding so special.

I have been a professional wedding photographer for many years, therefore I know what all the traditional shots are and that you should pose with your parents and your parents-in-law after the ceremony; what I need you to tell me is what is special and absolutely important to you.

Then, I need you to relax and enjoy your big day while I’m capturing little but precious details and real, candid moments without anyone orchestrating them. Any good photographer needs freedom to express his/her creativity when shooting actual, different but equally beautiful couples and locations.

 Embrace timeless concepts.

What comes to your mind when you think of classic and elegant wedding photography?  Our main goal on your big day will be to create longevity beyond any current fads. Therefore it is essential that we embrace concepts that will stand the test of time and will suit your personalities.

For example, if you adore images of bygone eras you should know that black and white wedding photography is a must for any wedding, especially a vintage one. Classic monochrome images never age and take the art of wedding photography back to its roots. Another idea is to mix creatively traditional and modern styles.

If you love traditional wedding photography with posed images but you don’t want an album full of rigid and stiff pictures, we can shoot the ceremony in a formal approach and then capture candid, fun moments during the reception in a more natural, photojournalistic way.

Trust the professional photographer you’ve chosen.

Photographs aren’t always about the things you see; sometimes they are about things that you or your loved ones may overlook. An experienced wedding photographer knows what to photograph and how to photograph it to capture the essence of the event and the jovial atmosphere.

A picture is worth a thousand words; well, wedding photos are worth and express not only words, but also numerous, priceless feelings and emotions. Listen to professionals, follow any expert advice and get that printed wedding album which will make you relive heartwarming wedding moments of candid romance every time you look at its pages; over and over again for a lifetime.