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Is wedding photography expensive?


Many people think that wedding photography is often overpriced. However, as a wedding photographer in Greece, I have to share with you all these reasons why wedding photography seems expensive, whereas it really isn’t.

I have heard many unpleasant comments during my career when it comes to the price. As it is commonly considered, wedding photography costs more than it is worthy of and has a much higher price per hour than any other 8-hour job.

What is really needs to be clarified, is that a wedding photographer has more than an 8-10 hour job to do. Other than the actual photos, albums, or other products offered, wedding photography is not just a business. It is an art, ability, talent, and then a service.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why wedding photography is worthy of being “expensive” – I personally would say being paid as it should be-.

Working hours

The most obvious fact is the labor. A wedding photography session may last 10 to 12 hours. The photographer doesn’t work only during the ceremony. She will arrive hours before the event in order to capture the details and all the moments before the ceremony. Moreover, during the marriage the professional will be running around, twisting, turning, climbing, trying to find the right place for the right-click. Doing that continuously for 10 to 12 hours is physically tiring and really hard to do.

I always do my best on my wedding photography sessions. However, after twelve hours (and more) of work, I feel drained. Luckily, my work really pays of in the end, as I do what I love.

Work “behind the scenes”

Besides the obvious working hours, you should take into consideration all these extra hours, after the photography session, that your photographer has to work. Choosing among a huge amount of photos, editing the right ones, cropping, and processing all the images may take 6-15 days. People are unaware of all the important work done “behind the scenes” in order to create an unforgettable wedding memento for the newlyweds.


A professional photographer has to work with the right equipment. Photography equipment itself may cost thousands of Euros. Cameras, lenses, flashes, memory cards, filters, camera bags are just some pieces of the basic equipment. Editing the photos isn’t cheap either. Computers, high-end displays, external hard-drives and many more are required for a professional job. Wedding photographers, like other professionals, don’t work on-site. They work at a studio, another big expense for them.

As a wedding photographer, I spend a large amount of my budget for professional equipment and I decided to invest in more gear, so I can shoot in any conditions.


The wedding photographer should have flexibility when it comes to the location. She or he has to travel along with the couple at the wedding or the pre-wedding photography session location. Traveling expenses are up to your photographer, too.

I travel a lot all over Greece to shoot weddings. I enjoy travelling and capturing so many lovely couples in all these amazing places around Greece. I’m just lucky to be a wedding photographer in Greece.

Extra costs

There are so many extras that really increase the budget unexpectedly. Marketing and advertising are a main part of the photographer’s job. The most effective way to advertise your work is probably online. This means that they must build a professional website and hire a professional web designer. The cost of advertising is also high. In addition, many photographers have their own brand, something quite expensive. Running such a business will possibly need an accountant and even a lawyer.


Most wedding photographers invest a lot of money and time in developing their skills and improving their talent. That may include seminars, training, and courses. They have to follow the process of technology, practicing new techniques, composing images, operating different types of equipment. You are paying for the skills offered. It’s all about the level of skill, experience, and consistency.


Sometimes, according to the client’s demands, it is impossible to work on your own. In order to get more images and improve the quality of the session, the photographer will have to pay an assistant too. In fact, there must be no professional wedding photographer doing it all by herself.

So, maybe instead of asking why wedding photography is expensive, ask your self why it should not be?

"When you pay too much, you lose a little money. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything”, they say. Why losing the memories of a lifetime?

As a wedding photographer, I’ve heard much and experienced much more. Wedding photography is more important than you think. Invest some of your budget and gain priceless memories. That’s what it’s all about.

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