Jewish wedding in Greece, Eleni Dona wedding photographer
A unique Jewish wedding in Greece

Daniel & Sara

A unique Jewish wedding in Greece


When a couple is planning a Jewish wedding in Athens, any wedding photographer in Greece that is going to capture their most important nuptial moments can be sure that this experience is going to be unique!

Jewish weddings are spiritual and full of emotion; that’s why they are perfect for getting great nuptial shots and portraits that always unfold a heartwarming love story…

Athens, an ideal city for pre-wedding clicks

Jewish or not, it is always a great idea for any couple to enjoy a pre-wedding session; what a romantic way to wind down before the nuptial festivities!

Daniel & Sara were collaborative and amazing, drawn by the famous landmarks of the Greek capital, always stunning and bathed in the famous Mediterranean light.

After all, when it comes to photo sessions in Athens, any couple and wedding photographer in Greece can certainly be spoilt for choice; narrow paths and neoclassical buildings add a classic and romantic touch to the photos, while traditional and picturesque neighborhoods instill a vintage feel.

During this pre-wedding photo session we laughed a lot, but what I remember most clearly are Sara’s sparkling eyes and Daniel’s bright smile.

Wedding photography in a luxurious venue

Daniel & Sara got prepared for their wedding day in one of the most elegant wedding venues in Athens, the luxurious Astir Palace Resort, a unique hotel surrounded by a sun-drenched landscape.

Sara's hair looked beautiful in long soft curls, and her white wedding gown, with lace detailed sleeves, was simply amazing.

The pale colors that the groom chose complemented perfectly the attire of his loved one, and gave a romantic touch to the preparations. I was able to make use of natural light, mirrors and a lot of... smiles to take stunning portraits of this beautiful couple and their lovely friends.

Capturing Jewish wedding traditions

Here's what to expect at Jewish nuptials if you're a professional wedding photographer; you're going to have fun - and it's certain that you're going to experience special and unique moments which are sure to make great photographic memories as the years go on!

As you can see in the following pictures, before the ceremony, the groom approaches the bride for the bedeken, or veiling. He looks at her and then veils her face. That's a tradition stemming from the Bible - Jacob was tricked into marrying the sister of the woman he loved because she was veiled; but if the groom does the veiling himself, such trickery can never happen!

Then, it's time for the ketubah, a Jewish prenuptial agreement. The ketubah is signed by the couple and two witnesses before the ceremony took place. After that, it’s time for some great clicks as the groom's parents walk him down the aisle to the chuppah, the altar beneath which the couple exchanges vows. The bride and her parents follow.


And all Jewish wedding ceremonies end with a famous bang! The bride and the groom are invited to step on a glass inside a cloth bag or some napkins to shatter it. The breaking of the glass holds multiple meanings. Some say it represents the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Others say it is a representation of the commitment to stand by one another even in hard times. Many guests joke that the breaking of the glass also symbolizes the last time a newly married man will ever be able to put his foot down!

Once the glass is broken, it's time to wish "Good luck!" to the couple! Shouting "Mazel tov!" is one of the most well-known Jewish wedding rituals, and hearing people cheering "Mazel tov!" is a cheerful experience.

The love and joy that radiated from Daniel and Sara, and the positive energy of everyone present created a wonderful atmosphere.

A great midday beach party

Instead of holding a traditional reception, the couple chose to invite their guests to a great beach party the day after the ceremony! Their pleasant, relaxed attitude and all their amazing relatives and friends kept the vibe high!

This reception had all those ingredients that can turn a wedding experience into a party that you want to live again and again... As you can see in the photos, cooling cocktails, featuring flavorful ingredients, had guests hitting the bar - and then the dance floor!

*note: All guests love beaches and natural sunlight nearly as much as all wedding photographers in Greece do! Any experienced photographer loves natural light and maximizes it fully whenever possible... that’s what I had the chance to do here – taking great shots in a great party!

A traditional Greek celebration

Well, the midday beach party was not the end... The same evening, we all gathered and the party started all over again! If you’ve ever been to a traditional Greek wedding, then you know that there’s plenty of food, very loud laughter and a lot of dancing...

As soon as the newlyweds entered the reception, it was party time. Everyone was up and dancing in a circle, holding hands, and rotating in a counter-clockwise direction to traditional Greek melodies.

Did I mention that the lovely couple had asked their guests to dress in white? Yes, they broke the etiquette and asked that everyone wear the "bride's color"!

As you can understand, with so many special traditions, nuances and elements during the ceremony, and with so many fun moments to capture afterwards, it was important for Daniel and Sara to have a wedding photographer in Greece that they could trust; a professional who would know the important and key moments to capture.

Daniel & Sara, thank you for trusting me and sharing this unforgettable wedding with me. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! Mazel tov!

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