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A memorable Santorini wedding photo session

Jason & Tina

A memorable Santorini wedding photo session


Jason and Tina, a tender-hearted couple from Hong-Kong, chose to tie the knot in a place of such mesmerizing beauty as Santorini, that would make all their fairytale wedding dreams come true.

As their wedding photographer in Santorini, I truly love it when I work with couples who are so relaxed and charming, as Jason and Tina proved to be. This is their wedding photography story.

Wedding photography in Santorini

Santorini, an island praised for its beauty by ancient and modern poets, is every wedding photographer’s ideal destination. Thought to be home to the lost city of Atlantis, Santorini is stunningly romantic and impressive. In addition, the wild beauty of its caldera, the serenity of the azure Mediterranean Sea, and the breathtaking sunsets are the perfect background for a photo session.

A symbolic wedding ceremony

The lovely couple had the wedding of their dreams in Santa Irini Venue, on an amazing terrace with a dreamy, photogenic background. Weddings are symbolic of new beginnings and a bright future…

Just imagine this sense of romance with the magnificent view of a volcano as a majestic scenery. It’s a pinch-yourself moment the first time you catch sight of this surreal gem…

And, needless to say, real, strong emotions always lead to truly impressive wedding photos; and that’s what really happened during this ceremony. Jason and Tina were happy and carefree – and, from a photographer's perspective, the less stressed you are, the better your wedding photos will be.

The endless blue sky of Greece, a jaw-dropping view, and a relaxed couple in love – what else is needed for astonishing wedding photos? As a professional wedding photographer in Greece, I had the opportunity to capture some truly romantic, candid moments.

A perfect photo shooting experience

After the heartwarming ceremony, Jason and Tina enjoyed a special and personalized five-hour photo shooting in the most beautiful spots of Santorini.

The unique Black beach, the majestic Oia area, Fira – with its amazing little alleys – and the picturesque Pyrgos village were just some of our stops.

Wandering in narrow alleys, stopping at quaint little corners to admire the stunning view, and posing in front of steep cliffs, a sea-drowned caldera and secret pathways made this wedding photography experience more of a fun and uplifting session, rather than a typical photo shooting. The lack of a strict timeline allowed us to discover and take advantage of the most sun-soaked, beautiful spots of Santorini.

Maybe that’s why this photo shooting was so exceptionally romantic… Just take a look at the following photos and you will totally fall head over heels in love with each and every location.

Transforming special moments to lasting memories

Jason and Tina, I truly hope that my photographic lens captured your romantic wedding in Greece as a heartwarming adventure that you will always cherish. Thank you for sharing some of the most important moments of your life with me.

As a professional wedding photographer in Greece, I was really thrilled to get great nuptial shots and portraits that unfold a beautiful love story…

May the love you shared on your wedding day grow stronger as you grow old together.

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