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Jazz & Maggie

A Multicultural Wedding in Athens Riviera



Marrying different cultures at the Athenian Riviera

In the case of Jazz and Maggie, a wonderful couple from mixed cultural backgrounds- coming all the way from the UK- the destination was clear: Athens Riviera. That was the place where destiny would officially make them husband and wife in a spectacular multicultural wedding in Greece. As a professional wedding photographer in Athens, Greece there is nothing more exciting than being able to capture two different cultures in one simple union.

Unfolding the narrative of a love affair

It was back in 2010 when Jazz and Maggie met, whilst working together. Two years later, during the magical time of London’s summer Olympic Games, they finally got together and realized how much they had in common. While being together, they each realized the qualities they admired and shared the generosity of spirit, kindness, and fun-loving openness that they liked in themselves.

They took their time and developed the closest of bonds, enjoying the things they loved together; theatre, museums, and theme parks as well as new experiences in their journey together. Whilst on one of their many trips across Europe, they found themselves in Athens, specifically at the "Island Art and Taste" complex in Athenian Riviera. They both jokingly agreed, if they were to tie the knot, they could imagine no more beautiful a place to do it.

... a couple of years later and a couple of engagement rings exchanged, they began planning their multicultural wedding in Greece. They explored the practicalities of their dream to exchange vows in Athens, and quickly realized that it was in fact ideal for ideal decision that would bring them in touch with me!

multicultural wedding Athens Greece

Building special bonds of trust and cooperation

As soon as I was contacted by this stunning couple there was an instant connection. I listened carefully to Jazz and Maggie’s photography vision, and make a one-of-a-kind wedding photography session, adapted to their needs and desires.

And this is how it all started! There is nothing better than sharing mutual emotions and deep connection with your to-be-married couples.

A keen amateur photographer herself, Maggie had some very specific ideas for the style and atmosphere she wanted to achieve in the photos. After a couple of WhatsApp exchanges, we arranged a call altogether.

Maggie’s confidence grew each time we conversed.  As the lovely couple clearly states, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of having an understanding and good relationship with your wedding photographer. We took the time to connect with each other and explain how I would achieve what Maggie wanted. I demonstrated both interest and patience, making them feel confident that they were not just another couple on the production line, as they said.

The results were exactly as they had hoped and surpassed their expectations, capturing the essence of the events and the guests who attended them, in every eccentric detail.

The blissful union of three different cultures

Originating from mixed cultural backgrounds, Maggie - the Chinese-Malaysian Bride – and Jazz -the British-Punjabi groom - decided to plan two big days of nuptial celebrations in Athens.

On the first day, they had a fantastic Mehndi ceremony at an exclusive Indian Restaurant in Athens. Drawing the typical henna tattoos on the bride’s and bridesmaids’ hands - according to the Indian tradition - they marked the start of a beautiful wedding, according to all the Hindu customs.

And then arrived on the big day. Mixing all their cultural backgrounds, the couple organized a Hindu-Chinese-Malaysian symbolic wedding at Athens Riviera. The day was perfect: sunny, with a warm breeze, offering ideal lightning for the photo session.

The couple got dressed in their stylish rooms, following all the traditional Hindu rituals and jocund enough to make a great photo-session, full of laughs, love, and spontaneity. Wearing a stunning deep red wedding dress with gold details and accessories, Maggie shined in happiness, creating lovely portraits with her bridesmaids that were wearing blue, extra-long dresses.

Following the same color code, Jazz put on a smart red suit, while the groomsmen were dressed in blue suits, making a gentle combination of colors.  Surprisingly, Maggie made an unconventional first grand entrance before the groom, proclaiming the beginning of an extraordinary wedding event!

The wedding took place in a superior seaside wedding venue. In an olive yard with Cycladic details, the white wedding theme screamed luxury, style, and naturality. We thought out of the box, using smart, yet handy objects to create phenomenal pictures that took the shooting far beyond the common wedding photos. This beautiful ceremony was followed by traditional dances and, naturally, a great party for everyone to remember.

Essentials for a memorable wedding photography

It didn’t take much for a perfect photo-shooting: a skilled photographer, pure love, real emotions, fantastic mood, and a great venue. When the connection of the couple is deep, you don’t need extravagant things to flaunt it. You make it simple, focusing only on the things that matter. 

This amazing wedding proved the common saying:

It’s the simple things in life that matter the most!

Jazz and Maggie, thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience such a special multicultural photo-trip through your destination wedding in Athens Riviera! It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you! Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together. May Athens be the first stop of a never-ending life trip!

But a wedding is not only two days of moments, emotions, celebrations, and people. I will close this lovely feature with the wise words of Jazz and Maggie:

“When the day is over the photographs and videos will remain the enduring legacy of all the time, effort, and money you spend on one of the most important life events you’ll ever celebrate. “

Do you want to have an experienced destination wedding photographer that can highlight your cultural particularities during your multicultural wedding in Greece? Contact me!

Not sure how to make the perfect wedding shots? I am here to guarantee a stress-free, fully personalized wedding photo session! Check out some tips and a perfect timeline for unparalleled wedding photography. 

It’s always a pleasure to work with someone who knows how to perfectly plan a destination wedding. Huge thanks to Wedding in Greece team, for all the wedding planning. My appreciation for you is much greater than these words.

“Love recognizes no barriers, it jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope.”

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