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A divine Indian wedding in Santorini

Sharon & Rowan

A divine Indian wedding in Santorini



An Indian chic summer wedding in Santorini, the Greek Island of Love

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering…

That is exactly what happened with Sharon and Rowan, an adorable Indian couple that traveled all the way from the UK to Greece, to write their own wedding memories as a milestone of their personal history of love. They wanted to experience an alternative Indian wedding in Greece, customized in their origins and filled with special emotions.

But who said that Indian wedding customs and traditions do not apply overseas?

Sharon and Rowan did not just want to get married. They wanted to get VERY married. That is why they chose to tie the knot in Santorini, the most emblematic Greek island for destination weddings. Their guests enjoyed a heavenly three-day nuptial celebration at exquisite landmarks in the delightful Greek paradise.

I was extremely honored to be the wedding photographer of this phenomenal wedding in Santorini and depict special moments of love and happiness that will remain deeply engraved in their nuptial memories!

indian couple posing in Santorini

An exclusive Mehndi beach ceremony

The couple started unfolding their wedding story with a must Mehndi event.  In a stylish and yet extremely festive atmosphere at an elegantly decorated venue on a private beach, Sharon, Rowan, and their guests celebrated a pre-wedding party following all the traditional Indian customs.

Colorful outfits, fancy jewelry, modern Indian vibes, and traditional Indian moves composed a phenomenal nuptial party full of pleasure and hearty smiles!

Dressed in vibrant colors that create interesting contrasts with the harmony of the white and blue hues of the surroundings, the couple did a spectacular photo shooting on the volcanic Mesa Pigadia beach, a secret paradise on the island booked just for the two of them and their beloved ones.

An elegant outdoor Indian wedding at the top of the Caldera, Santorini

And then came the big day. 28.06.2019.

Taking advantage of the pure style and light blue and white shades of the Cycladic art, the couple got prepared in total comfort and peace of mind. The bridal portraits in an astonishing white and gold desi wedding dress turned out amazing right next to the soft window light. On the other hand, Rowan chose a chic deep blue and white tuxedo, totally harmonized with the colors of the Greek surroundings.

Le Ciel wedding venue, a touching sunny terrace overlooking the sea, offered a stunning romantic panorama of the caldera cliffs for an ultimate nuptial ceremony.  The couple sealed their vows in a memorable civil wedding under an idyllic setting: a white gazebo decorated with a white veil and beautiful flowers with breathtaking views over the volcano and the dazzling blue of the Aegean, symbolizing eternal love and prosperity.

After sunset time, the ceremony was followed by a wonderful and super-romantic indoor wedding banquet, where Mr. and Mrs. Tissera enjoyed the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and joined the dance floor along with their 80 guests. The stimulating serenity of the landscape and the thrilling intimate moments of that day made every single one of the attendants of this impressive event want to enjoy it to the very last drop!

A luxury grand finale around Santorini island


What could possibly be missing to bring the ultimate destination wedding in Greece to perfection? Of course, a private sunset escapade cruise around the island!  

Exploring the most famous inaccessible beaches of the island and admiring the stunning natural landscapes of the Aegean, was the perfect choice for the final day of the wedding celebrations. The newlyweds had all the time to enjoy intimate moments along with their nearest and dearest friends and relatives.

Getting married to your beloved other half is possible at any location. But doing so in a location that has a special, deeper meaning for both of you, takes this sacred occasion to the ultimate level.

After all, “It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you”. That is the motto of Mr. and Mrs. Tissera’s Indian wedding in Greece that will always remain in my mind…and heart.

Sharon and Rowan, I cannot thank you more for all the special moments I experienced working with you on your amazing 3-day nuptial trip in Santorini! It was such a pleasure creating memories of your wedding experience that will last for a lifetime! May the love and happiness you felt those days shine through the years!

Getting married at the heart of the Aegean

Famous for its oh-so-romantic atmosphere and breathtaking sunsets, Santorini is the ultimate location for a spectacular destination Indian wedding experience. Filled with natural beauty and outstanding backdrops it was the perfect option for the couple to tie their eternal bonds.

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Huge thanks to the amazing wedding planner "Wedding in Greece" for making this Indian wedding in Santorini, Greece more fabulous.

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