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Boho Wedding in Mykonos, Greece

Isabelle & Sandro

Boho Wedding in Mykonos, Greece


Weddings in Mykonos, Greece, have carefree vibes by nature, but this one is what every boho bride's dreams are made of!

Today’s lovely couple and their closest family and friends traveled all the way from Switzerland to tie the knot in this stunning Greek island, a place that knows how to mesmerize all newly-weds and Mykonos wedding photographers!

Prewedding Rituals & Romance

The celebrations started with a great prewedding party at Scorpios, on a sun-drenched southern tip of Mykonos, where horizons of blue mix with yellows, golds, and pinks born of the generous Cycladic sun. The beach, custom-built stages for sunset rituals, and the ample open-air terrace spilling onto the Cycladic coastline were just the perfect backdrop!

Ethereal & Bohemian Vibes

Welcome to San Giorgio, a wedding venue that melds the carefree finesse of the '60s bohemian life with a down-to-earth, gypset approach. White interiors and exteriors explode with smart, sharp touches of cool blues and mellow earth tones.

That’s the place where the incredible ceremony, party, and dreams of Isabelle and Sandro came true… Red and white bouquets and flower arrangements, soft textiles and laces, and details that gave an extra spark of playfulness, were combined to add a romantic, boho touch, that any professional wedding photographer in Greece would love!

The bridal dress and the groom’s outfit in neutral colors -with attention to simplicity and elegance- were truly impressive. And every detail was so sweet, every smile so genuine! There were some unforgettable and truly touching moments during the ceremony and the reception, including some heartwarming speeches, poems, and songs.

One of my favorite moments was when all the couple’s friends touched the hands of the newly-weds as a way to show that they will be always by their side, to support, help and love them… Well, in Greece, almost all wedding traditions revolve around the concept of sharing. That’s why -as a wedding photographer in Greece- I absolutely loved this idea!

And did I mention the perfect, photogenic concept of an all-white dress code? The bright color palette impacted the look and feel of the day -and the wedding photos- in a great way!

Capturing Wedding Moments for Eternity

The gorgeous wedding ended up being a great but relaxed party rather than a majorly formal event. And the couple’s intimate photo session -just before hitting the dance floor- was just amazing! It took place on a rocky coast, just a few meters from the hotel, shaped by the Cycladic winds and the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea that can always take your breath away…

In this perfect spot of Mykonos, we experienced the absolute harmony emerging from the colors of the Cycladic landscape, all bathed in the dazzling Greek sunlight and surrounded by the deep Aegean blue.

In a nutshell, only two words could best describe a wedding like this one: chic & unforgettable! Isabelle and Sandro, may your life be as happy, warm, and sunny as your special Myconian wedding day under the Greek sun!

Take a taste from the highlights video of the wedding.

P.S. Well, the bohemian wedding trend isn't going anywhere! So, get inspired, dream of a wedding with a great splash of romance and a bohemian twist, contact me, and let’s plan the best way to capture your big boho day.

As a professional Mykonos wedding photographer, I can suggest the right places for a perfect wedding photoshoot according to the season, the time, and the natural light; that’s how you can certainly end up with the stunning photos you’ve always dreamed of!

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